Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mini Haul

To treat myself for getting to 14 weeks post I got some hair goodies over the weekend.

1.       Professional cutting scissors – I used to do my trimmings with a paper scissors, however, I was reading of the dangers of this as it can cause more split ends. I got my scissor for £3.99.

2.       Aunt Jackie’s Coils and Curls – in control- Anti Poof Moisturising & Softening Conditioner – I have heard nothing but great reviews from this product and at £3.79 I could not resist. My battle to find an inexpensive moisturising conditioner has been a challenge; I still ‘love’ my Vatika products.

3.       Titan Soft Brush – during my last stretch I tried to tam my edges down, but without a soft brush to help me blend my gel down, I think this is an invaluable tool to my hair journey

What new products have you guys got recently?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :o)

‘The way to make your dreams come true is to wake up – Paul Jackson


  1. I'm on a self imposed ban so for now I'm not purchasing any products soon. :)

    1. Lol bans are so necessary, I have been really good with hair products, i have not got anything that wasn't a replacement in 2014 till now,

  2. I have so many products its unreal, so I am also on a ban! But I really want a brush like that!

    I'm trying to resist though