Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3 weeks post relaxer

I have been entertaining the idea if getting box braids for a month, might have them put in next week, and as I have some time, I will attempt to do this in my own!

Today was my wash day, wanted to have my wash day tomorrow but felt like today would be a better day.

I followed my usual regime minus the black tea rinse. I have ordered some rosemary tea and really wanted to try it out this week but it hasn't arrived yet!! So next week before my box braids go in.

1. I prepooed will my usual tresemme rich moisturising conditioner and sweet almond oil, this stayed in my hair for about 30mins.

2. I washed my hair with my tresemme low sulphate vibrantly smooth shampoo.

3. I mixed my ORS hair mayonnaise with some coconut oil and sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil and deep conditioned for about 2 hours as I did some errands.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner, and applied my S Curl moisturiser and home made water and conditioner spritz, and air dried my hair loosely for 3 hours then in a bun for the rest of the time. I will be M&S tomorrow.

As my tresemme conditioner is almost halfway I will be researching to see what to try next, I love the tresemme but as I am so early on in my hair journey, need to experiment with other different conditioners.

Hope your wash day was just as good!

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