Thursday, 4 April 2013

Moisturising and Sealing

Now, when I started my hair journey, I always heard M&S, M&S, M&S. And trust me I thought I was doing it right but no way!!! I hair was not getting all its moist!! And I was just not doing it right!!

Today I watched Tracyee from KISS on youtube M&S her hair! OMG, thank goodness I did this, cause I kept on asking myself why my hair was breaking, turns out I was moisturising and sealing with only my sweet almond oil and using my carrot oil on top of it!! So so so wrong.
My tools, ORS carrot oil, sweet almond oil with lavender oil

This is now my revised process:

1. Section my air dried hair in 4 sections, using my fingers.

2. Then I rubbed some carrot oil on my hairs and started from the bottom of the hair and working up, then sectioned the hair again and moisturised it in all the areas.

3. After this I sealed my moisture with my sweet almond oil with a few drops of lavender oil.

4. After this I combed it through from the bottom first and twisted it back up as I completed the other sections.

5. When all this was done I put a little bit of the sweet almond oil on my scalp in each section and massaged it.

6. After I finished M&S I used my fingers and made a mid way messy loose bun!

My hair feels sooooooooooo soft and amazing! I am really enjoying my hair journey!
Final results

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