Friday, 26 April 2013

6 weeks posts

I am currently 6 weeks post relaxer, and have box braids on, which I properly installed on my own!!

I happened to be in tkmaxx today and say the Paul Mitchell Supper skinny range. I was drawn to it, and really wanted to get the treatment bottle if nothing at all. It was £15 and is £40 retail price! Now I held back for a minute. This hair journey has really been something that needs it's own budget. I decided to leave it, at the moment I feel like the products I am using are really working for me, and don't want to fall into the trap of being a product junkie. Yesterday I got the ORS Aloe Shampoo, for clarifying my hair, and I know it's not expensive but I am really building up my products.

So this is to minimum product usage for now at least.

Happy hair journey. X

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