Friday, 19 April 2013

Braids wash day - 5 weeks post

I have had my braids on for just under 2 weeks and I think it's due for a wash.

I have been trying to keep my hair healthy underneath the braids. So I spritz my braids with my homemade spritzer and make sure it's done properly through and through. I have also decided to wash my hair every 2 weeks just to keep the hair moisturised with water and clean!!

I am planning on using the same products I use on my regular wash days and run through the same process.

I will omit the pre pooing. Therefore my routine is as below:

1. Wash hair twice with a dark and lovely brand shampoo, with was a moisturising shampoo, I have some dandruff building up in the front of my hair, not sure if I need a chelating or clarifying shampoo, and am experimenting with a new shampoo.

2. I then conditioned my hair with tresemme rich moisturiser conditioner.

3. I rinsed it off then tied my hair in a towel for 2 hours, then let it air dry, this took a while.

4. When my hair had been air drying for a few hours, I moisturised my scalp and ends with my home made spritzer as usual. I made the spritzer slightly more thicker and added hello hydrations herbal essence conditioner, I really love the end feel.

My braids look and feel clean and my scalp is clean, because I had a but if an itchiness during the week I have added a few drops of peppermint oil in my spritzer, to help with this, have an amazing nice feel in my hair now.

From my wash day I did not like the dark and lovely brand shampoo, don't think it cleaned my scalp as good as I would have liked. But we live and learn.

Hope everyone else had a great was day.

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