Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My next stretch approach

I have recently retouched my hair and tried to fix my very under processed crown and back, I cannot really say if it worked. My retouch loosened my curl but the texture is definitely still there. 
For my upcoming stretch I have picked an odd number of 19 weeks because that will be me at 1 year! I do not want to have another relaxer in 2013. From my last stretch I know my optimum stretching time is 12 weeks, because I am a DIY relaxer, any more than 12 weeks I will find it difficult to take my new growth. ( I know I contradict my self with the hopes of 19 week stretch, planning on getting help with that touch up)

My reason for stretching for 19 weeks has been made acceptable by me because I will be using permanent protective styles. I am planning on getting box braids done when I am in Malawi for my brother’s wedding (amazing box braid for £5 I think so!)

So I have been doing some research around taking care of more permanent protective styles.

Another thought I had was I really haven’t had to take care of my hair during winter and boy am I scared, does everyone adopt a winter regimen or does the one we use for summer suffice? Am guessing the M&S will have been be on steroids?

What do you do differently in winter?

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :-)

‘The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die any time.’ – Mark Twain


  1. I'll be in super moisturizing and sealing with thick butters this winter. I'm trying to maximumize retention while snuggled up with my love bunnies. Ha-ha!

    Sharday of The Awkward Stage has some amazing tips for box braids. Check her out: www.theawkwardstage-se.blogspot.com

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks for that tip! I will me M&S with butters as well! Hope my Elasta QP Mango and Olive butter will do the trick :). Am also a stalker of Sharday's blog so will be reading through her box braids care!

  2. Hi Yvonne, 19weeks is along stretch but with permanent protective styles like braids, it is manageable. We don't have winter in my country so I don't have any advice for you. It gets very cold around July and August so what i do is avoid products that need the sun to melt and take effect to my hair like home made shea butter. I go for the products that are ready to use like ORS carrot oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Visit Tendayi's blog at http://africanhairblog.com/. She does braids and cornrows most of the time and when I haad brids on, i followed her regimen and it worked well for me. All the best with this stretch.

  3. You are so lucky you don't have any winter to worry about hehe. I am also a stalker of that blog you have recommended and will be researching more on her blog, she has stretched to 40 weeks with braids, very impressive.