Sunday, 1 September 2013

Goal Review....Sept Goals

1.     Drink 1 litre of water over weekends – FAILED
Oh this has been so hard for me to do!
2.    Only buy products to replace finished supply – FAILED
3.    30 min work outs twice a week – SEMI PASSED
Did 3 sessions of insanity and went for a jog one day
4.    Bake or cook a new dish twice this month – PASSED
I cooked red lentil curry with chapatti and spinach and chickpea curry, learnt how to make smoothie, will need to do more baking next month
5.    Stretch past 12 weeks – PASS
Am currently 13 weeks post as of Wednesday
6.    Continue with protective style challenge - PASS
Will show the results in my next post
7.    Review my hairline challenge – PASS
Will share my results in my next post
September Goals
1.     Drink 1 litre of water over the weekend days
2.    Fix my hair product storage
3.    30 min workouts twice a week
4.    Learn how to make samoosa
5.    Roller set once
How did your August goals go?
Happy hair journey’s Ladies and Gents! :)
‘All changed, even the most longed for; have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another’ – Anatole France


  1. My Goals were to drink one and a half liters of water daily and apply castor oil to my hair daily. My Goals for September are in this link Congratulations on your August goals and all the best with your goals for September.

    1. Well done on your goals! Am following your blog! Good luck with your texlax over the weekend! :)

  2. Good luck on your goals this month!

  3. I love that one of your goals was to bake or cook something new,
    I might have to try that.

    1. Yeah I thought I might put it as a goal and give myself a break from potatoes! :)

  4. Your first 3 goals are kinda similar to mine. I currently take 1-1.5L a day. Sometimes I make it to 2L which is my daily goal. I do Insanity too (had to take a break this week though) and that has helped me up my water intake. I drink at least 0.5L per session. And am on a shopping ban :)

    All the best on your Sept goals!

    1. It's been so hard with my goals this month! I love insanity but I have been off forever, I really should start from zero. But water is my biggest goal, good luck with your hair goals too!