Saturday, 31 August 2013

Challenge review month #2

Stretch: I am currently 12.5 weeks post. My aim was to get to 12 weeks post and pass it. I have achieved this goal with little breakage compared to my last stretch. I will be 13 weeks post on Wednesday and will relax my hair on the Saturday at 13.5 weeks post. This is the end of my stretching challenge and I am happy to say I achieved my goal and looking to stretch up to 16 weeks next time!
The things that helped me during this stretch was S Curl for my roots and water and glycerine mix for the rest of my hair.
Nape: My nape area has been moisturised throughout the month of August I will be reviewing the growth on my relaxer day when am 13.5 weeks post, this challenge will continue until my 1 year anniversary.

Ends: My ends have really picked! I posted a picture of my ends for the GAHL challenge! My personal ends challenge is coming really well, official check in to be done after relaxer and dusting in the next week.

my ended as they were at the start of August 2013

Protective styling: This month was really good, I managed to do my 2 protective styles plus 1 extra. One I had one at a wedding and the other I did on my day to the office, and the final one over the weekend. Thinking of it I am always in a protective style (hair clip) but it’s too boring for the challenge hehehe. See my results below

Protective style for a wedding
twist out faux bob
Protective style #3

Hairline: This challenge has been going really well. I use castor and peppermint oil every night, at the start I used it twice a day! My hairline has improved, I have been doing this for a month now, my hair line on my left hand side it back to how I know it, it’s just the hair line on my right hand side which needs to continue on this challenge, see pictures below. I am really happy with the state they are in at the moment, but I will continue with the castor oil! Also added some grapeseed oil and rosemary oil to my other mix, this challenge has 2 more months remaining, but the improvements are definitely there

Top: this was my hair line as at 28th July left hand side. Middle: hair line right side 28th August, Bottom: Left hand side 28th August

Overall: Wow, I cannot believe the number of self challenges I am on!!! Hehehe....the biggest improvement has been my hair line! My ends still need to be loved, and for better ends it will come with trimming/dusting, I believe my challenge will help me with good hair practices.
How are your self-challenges going?
Happy Hair Journeys Ladies and Gents! :)
‘Of all the forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal of true happiness’ – Bertrand Russell


  1. Congrats on completing all of your challenges. This is just one step on the road to reaching your goals. I'm kind of the same way; I've always got some mini hair challenges going on in the background. It keeps me on my toes when it comes to my hair journey. Good luck with your upcoming relaxer and happy hair growing!

    1. Thank you fancyflairlady. Think mini goals always help to keep us on our toes, had to invent them after my setbacks! HHJ to you too!

  2. You are doing great with your challenges especially your hairline is looking good. Looking forward to your relaxer results!

    1. Thanks Tomes am happy with the progress my hairline has made as well in a month of trying to correct it. My relaxer day feels scary especially with the inconsistent texlaxing results that can appear. Will let you know how it goes!

  3. I loved that style you had for that wedding!! And congrats on making your goals!!! It looks like there may be a new member of the APL club in the next few days!!

    Good luck on your relaxer!! Can't wait to see your results!

    1. Thanks! I always feel so excited when i make my goals! wish my drinking water would be the same! I can't wait to be in the club!!