Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wash Day - 10 weeks posts

I switched up my wash day procedure to avoid jumping in and out of the shower

1. DC with ORS Hair Repair Conditioner pak, glycerine, grapeseed oil and a little bit of ORS Mayo for 1 hour in a heat cap

Star of the show

2. Detangled hair

3. Rinsed out conditioner

4. Shampooed hair twice with Elasta QP crème conditioning shampoo

5.Coffee rinsed my hair using a spray bottle, let it drip out

6.Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for 5 mins

7. Rinsed out

8.Applied Tresemme Rich Moisturising conditioner for 5 mins

9.Rinsed out

10. T-shirt dried my hair for 30 mins

11. Sprayed Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner

12.Detangled hair, sprayed tresemme heat protector

13. Blow dried my hair on the cool setting and flat ironed on 180 degrees

14. M&S using ORS Carrot Oil and grape-seed oil

 I DCed before I jumped into the shower, now I know there is the argument of DC on dirty hair, but I think the experiment is worth the shot, jumping in and out of the shower is oh so annoying.
The wash day outcome was great, really liked the ORS Hair Repair Conditioner pak, they should do it in normal big tubs, I don't think there is enough in a pak, glycerine is so amazing with DC really got my hair moisturised, like butter. ORS Hair repair nourishing conditioner has protein but right down at the bottom, so it’s most likely very mild. Love the smell, love the slip, love the texture, would definitely buy it again.

I blow dried my hair on cool, I haven’t done this before, my hair was puffy, the new growth is really setting in, my crown and back have a lot of new growth about an inch but my front has less new growth about ½ - ¾ inch. I then flat ironed at 180 degrees my hair was still puffy but tamed, I am currently 10 weeks post and in the home run, 3 weeks to go till am 13 weeks, if it carries on going this well then will try aim for a longer stretch. 

Side note, had my first matting of new growth, but sprayed it with the Aussie leave in conditioner and castor oil and I managed to save a lot of my hair. Now am twisting my hair and M&S that way.
How was your recent wash day?

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies and Gents! :-)

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  1. I'm glad you like your results, great job! I haven't tried the ORS Nourishing Conditioner but I've heard great reviews on it

    1. I really loved how it worked, however, I used it with a lot of add ins so I would have to try it with nothing added :)

  2. I d/c on dry hair 95% of the time with great results. It saves so much time.

    1. It is such a time saver, I think this is what am going to be doing going forward!!

  3. I am assuming deep conditioning on dry hair is the same as what I call pre-pooing? If so, I do it pretty much every wash day. I love them and find that my hair feels more moisturized when I do them. My favorite ingredients are: coconut oil, oil with ceramides (e.g. safflower or hemp seed oil), cheapie conditioners and honey! As a matter of fact, I am sitting under my dryer with my pre-poo in right now! :)

    1. Well I DC with conditioner and oils and cut to DC after shampoo. I am trying to cut out the jumping in and out of the shower. But I feel like I wash away the DC goodness :(

  4. I dc on "dirty" hair all the time. I call it a mini-wash---Almost a glorified co-wash with heat. One time in the shower on wash day? YES PLEASE!

    1. Heheh, the one time in the shower really makes a difference

  5. I will try this on my next wash day. If it saves on time then why not. I'm going back to school while still working full time. Since I do not want my hair to suffer, I will try all the tricks to save on time spent on my hair. Thanks

    1. Oh school and work, you need all the time you can get! I think I will be DC on dry hair from now one, and have a pre-poo once a month. Let me know how yours works out!