Thursday, 8 August 2013

First hair set back - Protein overload & lack of M&S

Ø  Hair that was dry
Ø  Brittle
Ø  Breaking at the line of demarcation
Ø  I noticed that 2 to 3 weeks before my last relaxer (June 2013) my hair was breaking off like crazy, the hair that was breaking off was long, therefore it was breaking at the line of demarcation and I had breakage mid shaft too. My hair felt dry and crunchy.
Ø  Due to not M&S my new growth my hair was dry, and having protein overload made it worse.
Ø  I was using ORS Hair Mayonnaise to DC my hair every single week
Ø  I was not moisturising my new growth and length of hair sufficiently enough
Ø  I got a moisturising conditioner straight away. I thought that ORS Hair Mayonnaise was both a protein and moisturising conditioner, which is probably true, but I was lacking moisture in my regimen, I did not have a proper leave in (before the days of Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave in Conditioner in my life), my shampoo was not a moisturising shampoo, it contained sulphates (I had not started co-washing), my M&S was extremely poor, I would M&S at best twice a week, and not with enough attention. Thinking of it the other thing that saved me was prepooing with a conditioner (Tresemme and Herbal Essence), really that was the only moisture I was getting!!
Ø  When I realised I might be suffering from protein overload (after thin ends and tears and crunchy dry hair on my relaxer day) The funny thing is the breakage from the new growth obviously stopped but my hair was still breaking, and it was still crunchy and felt dry and brittle! I DC with a moisturising conditioner Vatika Deep Conditioner, this instantly reduced breakage. The other funny this is I wasn’t M&S well enough, so my hair was still breaking, not as much as before but it was still breaking nevertheless, I have only just recently had a light bulb moment with my M&S!! At the moment am moisturising my new growth with S Curl No drip moisturiser and my lengths with ORS Carrot oil, I find I don’t need to seal with ORS Carrot oil as it has but a cream and oil, correct me if am wrong. I think my hair is responding well, and I moisturise more often
Things am looking to change
Ø  Buy a moisturising sulphate free shampoo – ElastaQP creme Conditioning Shampoo
Ø  Keep on moisturising with ORS Carrot Oil
Ø  Buy hair bands with no silver clip
Ø  Repurchase Herbal Essence – Hello hydrations for my co washes
Ø  At the moment as I felt I was just getting on my feet with the hair journey I was scheduling my protein and moisturise DC, for now I will be moisturising DC when I feel my hair needs a protein treatment.
I found this very interesting post on Just grow already, which helped me so much in understanding the whole concept of moisture and protein
Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies :-)


  1. Sorry to hear about your setback. ORS mayo is a medium protein, you probably could have gotten away with using ORS replenishing pack which is a balance with protein & moisture on a weekly basis. That's why its a journey and we are learning new stuff everyday. Glad you are getting back on track!

    1. Thanks for the tip! After my hair mayo is done I will be back on ORS replenishing con, I used to use it but changed. I think my hair is very protein sensitive.

  2. Yay! Back on track!

    I do a hard protein treatment once a month and only deep condition with them when I feel that my hair is super moisturized.

    HE Hello Hydrations LOVES my hair and I love it right back!

    1. An so scared of hard protein, feel like my hair is protein sensitive, so will try get a good balance with a medium protein. But it's super nice to be back on track :)

  3. I had a protein overload at the beginning of my hair journey. It took a long time to overcome, and mine started in a similar way to yours - I was using ORS Replenishing Conditioner every week.
    M&S regularly with products that were protein free really helped me. Hopefully your hair will be back to normal in no time :)

    1. I really underestimated the strength of protein in ORS. But it's great I learnt a valuable lesson. At the moment all is going on ok, just trying to be careful not to have a moisture overload now!

  4. I'm always sorry to hear about a setback. Our biggest fear in the world of HHJs. I started experiencing protein overload at one point in my journey because I kept using protein every week after experiencing a moisture overload (also scary!). I'm still struggling to figure out my moisture protein balance. Like you, I've decided to just pull out the protein periodically when I think it's needed. For now I'm sticking to moisture. Hope things are turning around hun! :)

    1. That's my greatest fear now, I don't want to turn the tables and have a moisture overload!! I hope I have the balance right, feel like I have pulled away all things protein, which I shouldn't do!

  5. I had protein overload years that caused me breakage long before I knew what a HHJ was, so I was very careful with protein use when I began mine! My hair is pretty sensitive to protein, so I always err on the side of moisture.

    Also, if I don't moisturize and seal on an almost daily basis, my hair will break ... hope that you are able to find your moisture/protein balance! Growing out hair is a constant juggling act on how to find that balance!

    My protein treatments are:
    - ApHogee 2-step one week before my relaxer
    - ApHogee 2 minute keratin as my mid-step protein treatment during relaxer
    - KeraPro restorative treatment when needed (normally once every 4 to 6 weeks)
    - Redken Extreme Anti-Snap or ApHogee Green Tea Reconstructor when needed (I never use these leave-ins if I do a protein treatment)

    Good luck and I hope you get everything sorted out soon!

    1. I used to use redken anti snap, I had no idea it was a protein leave in, the redken line was recommended to me before my hhj by a celebrity specialist I had won a treatment when him, and I remember him going on about how most afro specialist salon recommend mineral based products, and I was think you don't know what you are on about, they know my hair type. Thanks for your tips, I definitely need your advise.
      On a side note, have you disabled the comment function on your blog, I can never leave a comment!

  6. Hi there! Oh yes, the Redken Extreme line is aimed at reconstructing damaged hair. When I had my hair triple processed (you read that right, TRIPLE - relaxed, permanent color, then bleached highlights), I used this stuff. They have a product that is a bit stronger called Extreme CAT (, which is what I would use every so often.

    I like the Redken Anti-Snap because it's not that strong, at least to me. I haven't had any breakage because of overuse.

    My ends have felt brittle the past few days and so I treated them to a pre-poo of a moisturizing conditioner, hemp seed oil and coconut oil!

    On the blog, you have to scroll down to bottom of the page. There, you will see "leave a reply!" LOL!

    Dry and snapping ends have been the bane of my HHJ, so I can totally feel you!! I know you will get it figured out soon!