Friday, 16 August 2013

GAHL hair retention challenge

I had joined the GAHL Length retention Challenge which end on the 1st of August but  did not get added to the group in time! Anyway these are my results.
I have broken so many of the rules
1.     I did not take a picture on the 01.02.2013 because I was in a weave
2.    I cut my hair ½ inches on my relaxer day in June
3.    I have missed one DC week!
1.     I kept away from direct heat
2.    I only relaxed once every 3 months
3.    I wore buns 90% of the time
4.    I M&S when needed

My results
The picture quality isn't the best. Feb 13 first picture of the start of my journey, June 13 after 2nd relaxer, Aug 13 flat ironed at 180 degrees, 10 weeks post.
Am proud of myself definitely have some length gained there. I will attempt to join more hair challenges in the future.
I am currently on a personal challenge
1.     Thicker end
2.    Grow out nape
3.    Protective styling
Thanks GAHL for hosting the challenge!
Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :-)


  1. Oh wow!!! You have really thickened your ends up! That is amazing for 3 months time! You are definitely knocking on APL's door! I would say you have less than half an inch!

    You should be so proud! This is one of the best end transformations I've seen since starting my HHJ.

    1. heheh...I think the extremely low heat on the flat iron helped with thickness, I used 180 degree, so hoping to be able to claim APL after relaxer! But happy at the state of my ends!

  2. Your hair has definitely improved! It looks alot thicker now :) i am so glad that the challenge was beneficial to you! Keep it up and keep us updated on your progress.

    1. I think it's has improved indeed, will keep up with all the good hair practices! Thanks for hosting the challenge, your results look great!!