Friday, 30 August 2013

Boost of moisture - Mini week Wash

1.     Sectioned hair in 4
2.    Applied Vatika Deep Conditioner hot oil treatment to dry hair, sat with 2 heat caps and cloth shower cap for 2 hours
3.    Detangled with a wide tooth comb
4.    Co-washed with Aussie take the heat conditioner and Herbal Essence Bee Strong Conditioner
5.    Rinsed out
6.    T-shirt dried hair for 1 hour
7.    Sprayed Aussie Hair Miracle Insurance and detangled
8.    Bunned hair and applied gel to edges, tied it with a silk scarf.
9.    Next morning moisturised it with Elasta QP Mango and Olive Butter Moisturiser.
10. Bunned it for the day

I needed a quick moisture boost to my hair last night, I still need to carry out a protein treatment before my relaxer which I will do over the weekend or midweek next week.
My hair was so soft and fluffy and really at this rate, it could go for another week or so, had no idea just having conditioners without all the fuss of tea rinse, oils etc could be so amazing and moisturising, will try incorporate a mid week DC cowash!
Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :-)
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  1. Woop for mini washes! I mini-washed last night, braided my ends and now its all up in a curly bun. How easy was that?

  2. Soft and Moisturized hair for the #win