Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hair Goals and timelines

I have since been on my hair journey for 7 months now, and I swear I have pressured myself to make my hair grow super fast, I have been looking for sulphur mixes, vitamins (even though am not allowed to be taking any vitamin supplements), etc, and really all this is due to my own doing, I have set myself a goal, it was to get to WL by my 2nd anniversary with full ends. Now I started my hair with should length hair about 2 inches from APL, BSL would be another 4 inches and WL another 4-6 inches, so all in all I was hoping to get 12 inches of growth in 2 year, with blunt ends.....if my hair grows at ½ an inch a month (I feel like mine grows less than this) so in 1 year I can grow 6 inches and if I dust my ends every 3 to 4 months about ½ inch then I cut off about 2 inches a year, so full growth will be 4 inches and this is with no set-backs.... so in 2 years I would have 8 inches of growth and this would be 4 inches below my goal length....setting myself for disappointment....I think so....

After reading Ms Kibibi’s post on realistic goal setting (thanks KLP of stranding our strands for directing me there!), Ms Kibibi blogged about realistic goals, therefore these long term goals can be discouraging and appear to be so far away and unattainable. So what if it does take 2, 3 or 10 years, the time still passes regardless, so set 21 day challenge and slowly make those challenges into habits (thanks Ms Kibibi)! So I have now revised my WL goal to my 4th anniversary if I get 4 inches of growth a year and I need about 12 inches to get to my goal I would say 16 inches in 4 years gives me a comfortable 4 inches to play with, great cushion for me! I swear as soon as I adjusted this goal line, I felt a huge hair load come off me, am now looking forward to enjoying my journey and not worry about my growth amount each relaxer time! Goodbye the hair length slave in me!

In the meantime I will continue on my mini challenges set and post progress each month end

1. Hair line re-growth – check up end August

2. Nape challenge – check up on relaxer day Sept

3. Ends challenge - check up on relaxer day Sept

4. Protective styling challenge – check up end August

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies and Gents! :-)

‘When you have eliminated all that is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’ – Arthur Conan Doyle


  1. Aww! This warms my heart chica! My fave line "Goodbye the hair length slave in me!" whenever you feel like you've picked your length burden back up, come to this post and remind yourself of your goals!


    1. I knwo I will have this post close by! I really did have a length slave in me! heheh

  2. Hooray!! It's kinda discouraging starting a hair journey and following bloggers who already have long hair! I still suffer from hair-orexia and will probably do so for a long time. Just sit back, relax and let your hair grow! It's called a hair journey, not a hair race!! Enjoy your hair at the various lengths! Before you know it ... you will be BSL. It sneaks up on you!

    1. Oh my gosh, you can say that again, it feels like everyone has long hair but me! and I feel like what is going on, but people have been on their journey for so many years!!
      I will really just relax and enjoy my hair and try out all the new cool stuff out there!:)

  3. I think everyone reaches this point in their hair journey.
    As soon as I stopped giving myself these silly goals based on the goals other ladies have reached, I got to learn about my hair more and actually enjoyed maintaining healthy hair practices.
    I definitely agree with LaShanda, as soon as you take a more relaxed approach with your goals, you do reach them sooner then you think! :)

  4. It's been the most liberating experience! Just going to enjoy the journey.

  5. This post and comments have really set me free. I also started my hair just May this year but I want my hair to be MBL like yesterday. I now purpose to enjoy the journey other than just focusing on my end goal. Thanks ladies for this advice.

  6. When I decided to stop conccntrating on length, I really felt such relief! Let enjoy every stage of our hair and when we get to MBL we can look back and laugh! Am happy I have you with me on my hair journey, both new to the game, its harder when everyone has reached there goals! Good luck with your journey, and will be following you and encouraging you on!