Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wash day 3

1.           Applied DC to hair, Organics APH steaming conditioner with glycerine and grape seed oil, for 2 hours a heat cap and my cotton shower cap
2.        Detangled each section of my hair, and rinsed

3.        Shampooed hair with Elasta QP crème and conditioning shampoo, once

4.        Tea rinsed with ginger tea and redbush tea (see below lists of teas in the ginger tea)

5.        Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for 5 mins and rinsed 

6.        T-shirt dried hair for 2 hours 

7.       Sprayed Aussie Hair Miracle leave in conditioner and detangled 

8.      Used Herbal Essence Split End Leave in Conditioner 

9.       Bunned and air dried    

Verdict: Am currently 3 weeks post. 
This wash day I added glycerine to my DC and it took better than without it, will use glycerine with it going forward, still not great! 

I have also been bagging my hair for the last week, a post will follow on my experience with it. 

I have also want to join the hairlista castor oil challenge for the next 3 months, however, as I am out of castor oil I will be using sweet almond oil, as we have embarked on winter this might be a good time for me to start getting some oils and butters on my scalp. I am concerned about my shedding and will use black tea next week
Last week on the left vs this week.

How was your last wash day? 

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies and Gents! :-) 

‘Always remember, God has another option. No matter how bad your circumstances look, it’s never too late with Him!’ – Joel Osteen


  1. Hi, that was a good wash day. I think the shed hair is not that much. However, you can use black tea and see how that goes. All the best

    1. Hi Evalyne, yes the wash day went well, was hoping to roller set my hair but it didnt happen. I was trying to find other pictures of how my hair usually sheds but haven't documented it well. Yeah will try the black tea rinse and see, it might be because I usually use black tea and recently stopped and this is my normal shedding, I should get used to.

  2. Hi Yvonne! Do you manipulate your hair throughout the week? If not, then you will definitely see a lot more hair on Wash Days!

    Also, I would suggest you try a garlic treatment for your hair if you don't have success with the black tea rinse. I have a recipe that you may be interested in ...'

    It helped me last fall around this time when the weather was turning! I know how worrying excessive shedding can be! :)

    1. Hi LaShanda, well I do comb my hair at least twice midweek and remove shed hair periodically. I think you might be right about the time of year but also I just remembered that I usually used black tea every week before so this indeed might be my normal shedding pattern that I need to get used to, Sadly I don't really have pictures of normal shedding, so might have to take it in my strand. In the meantime I will do a black tea rinse and start using garlic shampoo per your recipe! Thanks for your support