Sunday, 8 September 2013

Relaxer day - 13 weeks post

1 week preparation – Protein Treatment at 12 weeks posts (ORS Hair Mayo) and massive hair detangling session, for my relaxer day keeping reading....
ORS No Lye kit

Relaxer day
1.     Sectioned hair in 4 sections

2.    Base scalp,  edges and length with  Vatika Honey, Aloe Vera moisturiser (2nd ingredient is paraffium liquidium) 

3. Mixed relaxer kit and added Grapeseed oil into relaxer to slow down it’s processing time.

4. Set timer for 18 mins, started at the back of my hair avoiding nape area and applied relaxer at roots, this took me 5 to 6 mins. I then applied it to my front which took me up to 12 mins, then applied to nape and missed out my hair line (it's already been though so much) and smoothen , but i could see that my new growth had a looser texture not bone straight, I then applied a corrective relaxer to the pre texlaxed hair at the back of my head, the texture did not change, the paraffium liquidium in the Vatika moisturiser really did help stop damage to pre relaxed hair. 

I still had 5 mins on the timer but i quit and jumped into the shower as i felt a tingling sensation on my scalp.
I jumped into the shower to rinse it off.

5.   I washed relaxer out with warm water until product was completely gone

6. Then I started neutralising my hair, I neutralised it 4 times.

7. I then used the ORS Replenshing pak and kept it on my hair for 20 mins with a heat cap and my regular cotton shower cap.

8.  I rinsed out my conditioner 

9.  I then t-shirt dried my hair for 30 mins

Hair air drying
Texture of hair

10.  Applied Tresemme Split Control leave in conditioner and processed to detangle my hair. This product has some keratin, however it's my first time using it and am all out of Aussie leave in

11. After detangling I added TREsemme heat protector and blow dried my hair on cool, it was pretty much dry before I started.

12. I sectioned my hair to start flat ironing it at 210 degrees, and this is where the problems unfolded. My back and crown had so many knots, I sectioned my hair and detangled again, oh my, it was heart breaking, but I powered on, I got them all with not as much damage as I anticipated, boy do I miss Aussie hair miracle leave in :( 

13. I then proceeded to flat iron, I think I have forgotten how to flat iron! The results were not as I remember them

Verdict - I have found a use for my Vatika 'moisturiser', my hair has retained length, ends still need to be cut off, I have already removed 1 inch, and will be removing another inch. Texture and thickness prefect, I am falling in love with the thick texture of my texlax end hair. I also think grapeseed oil in my relaxer helps me active the right texture for me. My bone straight ends really have no home any more, think I've gained an inch
Full ends than June but bone straight hair needs to go

From start to finish this process took me about 5 hours, full day’s work! See results below. I relaxed my hair at 13 weeks post! Will definitely try for longer next time, but use more permanent protective styles and blow dry my hair the week before relaxer, just to get all the knots out 

Hair Stats check (07/09/2013)

Hair length – full APL give or take after my next trim.
Look like a gained about an inch, don't know what am doing
 but looks like my hair is getting fuller

Nape & Ends
My nape has grown 1/2 an inch and my ends look better than they did in June, I think, still have a while to go for a full U shape!
Nape is growing out

Overall am happy with the state of my hair.
Have you recently relaxer your hair? How was it?

Happy Hair Journeys Ladies and Gents! :-)

‘If you don’t plant knowledge when you are young, it will give us no shade when we are old’ –Lord Chesterfield


  1. Great progress lady, especially in the nape! Whatever you are doing, keep on, because the thickness is there!

    My relaxer day was alright ... as you have already seen! I see you are going to stretch until 19 weeks?!? Bless your heart (a saying we Southerners say!)!! The longest I did was 16 weeks early in my HHJ!!

    1. Well my plan is to get box braids at 8 weeks post so I will be cheating my way to 19 weeks, I think my optimum stretch is 12 weeks, my hair tangles and knots up. If I can't get to 19 I will break it whenever I remove my braids!

  2. And OMG! How could I forget your welcome to the APL club! What a milestone!! Now I will say this ... I think the longest part of my hair journey was from APL to BSB/BSL! I think this stage is absolutely critical for finding a regimen that works for your hair because as your hair gets longer, those ends can look thinner, especially if breakage of surrounding hairs goes unchecked! It seems like you got everything under control, so all you have to do is grow! :)

    1. Thanks LaShanda! APL woop woop, was so excited after the tangles. I live the thickness of your hair! I am hoping no breakages I will be using more permanent protective styles through it. Am going on holiday and get box braids there. Cheat my way to 19 weeks post, any adverse effect am relaxing. Thanks for your encourage girl! An your southern accent, I could hear it through the blog heheh!

  3. Congrats on reaching APL and a stressfree relaxer day! The thickness is definitely there whoop whoop. Goodluck on your 19week stretch ahead. My relaxer day is next week.

    1. Thanks Tomes! Good luck with your relaxer next week! And thanks for the luck on my loooooong stretch.

  4. Congrats on a successful relaxer day. I love your thickness. The nape area is also looking thicker and longer! On your plan to stretch to 19 weeks, I think Braids will be a good way to cheat your way to that Stretch. They helped me to cheat to 18weeks post! I however experienced a little breakage the last two weeks after I removed the braids for TLC before relaxer day. On my relaxer day, I used Castor Oil to slow down the process and reduced my time to 20 minutes. All the best on your HHJ.

    1. Thanks!

      Well done on your results too!

      Yeah I thought the only way to pull this 19 week stretch is with braids, so will get some at 8 weeks post! And only keep them out for the week before to detangle and protein treat my hair before my relaxer!