Friday, 21 March 2014

Fitness Friday| Meditation & Yoga

Happy Friday everyone!

This was the first week I tried meditating! I was really sceptical of it all but I really needed to take control of any stress and anxiety in my life and I was promised that meditation would really be good for me.


I have done it 3 times this week, to avoid me making any exercises about time I decided to do it on my way to work as I sit on the train, then thought, let me do this right, so tried it after work at home.

 I downloaded 2 meditation apps on my phone

1.       Beginners Mediation

2.       Take a break

Day 1: I got comfortable on my exercise mat laying flat on my back. I put my headphones on and listened to the instructors. As I have never meditated before, I was a bit scared of completely clearing my mind, so I kept on opening my eyes. Not quite sure what I was even scared about!

Day 2 -3: After overcoming my fears, I let go and really meditated. Amazing! I loved the relaxed feeling I got after my sessions. I do not know why it have taken me so long to try it, I highly recommend it! Afterwards, or at least during the session, I feel free from any worries, or anything that I need to do, it is really a state of complete relaxation.


Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, but am busy trying to stretch myself to meditate as I do my yoga. I have joined the 30 day Yoga challenge at , when you sign up they send you daily 20 mins Yoga exercises to your inbox for 30 days. I have not been spammed by them at all!

As I run 3 times a week, I have been doing the Yoga on my rest days Tuesday and Thursday (will skip weekends). Honestly I love the exercise, the instructor is really flexible, so my version is never quite like hers but I will get there! I highly recommend this challenge, exercising has never been so simple and convenient!

Has anyone tried meditation or Yoga? How did you find it and any tips?

 ‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up’ Thomas Edison


  1. I often meditate and its really relaxing but never tried yoga before. Looks like you had a great fitness week especially after you conquered your fears.

    1. It was a great fitness week. I have really enjoyed meditating and will definitely be doing it more going forward.

  2. I bought a few yogo DVDs years ago but never used them (don't judge lol), gonna have to dust them off.

    1. Dust those DVDs heheh, am not even going to to judge, am just as bad as you, I have so many exercise tools and have never used, skipping rope, DVDs, mats hehe.