Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mid-Week Hair Update

Pending relaxer

There hasn’t been anything too eventful with my hair of late. I am just weekly protective styling it and prepping it up for my relaxer day. Though I am not too convinced I have enough growth to touch up yet. I am a self-relaxer, so I really need a good amount of new growth to really avoid any issues with overlapping.

So, I will protein treat my hair this coming week, at 11 weeks post, I will be moving on a weekly basis until I feel my hair has enough growth for a touch up. At the moment I will not be touching up my hair at 12 weeks post, I will review it at 13/14 weeks post.

Changing it up

I have been reviewing my hair regimen and at the moment I do not really use enough coconut oil in my regimen (like once in 4 weeks at bestK), so I will be incorporating more coconut oil into my regimen.

1.       After wash day when my hair is air drying I will apply coconut oil to my hair after I apply the leave in conditioner

2.       Every other day I will be moisturising my hair with coconut oil and sealing it.

Oil + Shampoo

If you have read my wash day posts of late, you will notice that I DC on dry hair and skip off the prepooing stage (oil only prepoo). The main reason for this is to avoid jumping in and out of the shower during my wash day.

Now I know quite a few ladies do not like using a shampoo after a DC as they feel it washes off all the DC goodness. I am fine with washing my hair after DC; I have not seen any difference in my results, so it works for me. The one thing I have switched up is my shampooing sessions. This is what I do with my shampoo to pretend my hair.

1.       I dilute my shampoo

2.       I add an oil in my diluted shampoo mixture

3.       I only shampoo my hair once.

Another reason I am comfortable DC on dry hair is I co-wash my hair, most of the time.

How has your week been?

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  1. I feel like we are twin hair sisters. I have been doing the exact same thing but mostly out of laziness as well. If its working don't stress.

    1. I have always thought we were hair twins!!
      It is better to have the wash day than no wash day from laziness so this is definitely working for me!

  2. I also DC pre shampoo it started out of laziness I am not about the hop in hop out of the shower life on wash days and bucket washes are out of the option for now lol! On days that I shampooed first I ended up DCing the next day before having a shower!

    1. Lol that is so me too! if am going to shampoo first then it is a 2 day wash day! Though this weekend I did try the head over the bath tub, and it wasn't too bad, but still needed 2 days. #laziness