Friday, 28 March 2014

Fitness Friday| Strength Exercises

Over the weekend, as I sat around bingeing on sweets and donuts (why do I do this!) I really did notice how my belly is not toning up as quick/well as the rest of my body. My belly has always been my problem area.

As I was running on Monday morning, I started thinking about incorporating strength exercise into my exercise routine to help me with toning up. I currently jog 3 times a week and do Yoga twice a week. When I started researching some strength exercise that I can do that will not involve me going to the gym, I found out that Yoga is a strengthening exercise, which is great, but the overall visible benefits from doing Yoga as a strength exercise alone is much slower. Yoga helps with toning as it involves you carrying your body weight, thought if you want to bulk up more you would need to add more weights as Yoga weight is limited to your body weight.

So I really need to incorporate faster pace strength building exercise routine.

Insanity popped into mind. Insanity is a great exercise routine, but lawd, it can be very demotivating, I really don’t need that right about now.

When I did some more browsing, I got great ideas of strength exercises I could do at home, they sure did look and sound a lot like the insanity drilled but maybe not as fast pace. Then I thought to myself, yes it is demotivating at times and makes my body ache oh so much…but if Yoga is a strengthening exercise and I am in this exercise routine for the long haul, not for the next month or 2 but as part of my everyday life. So with that I put my fears of fast paced Insanity behind and have embraced my current routine with the possibility of increasing another Yoga day.

However, I have not completely ruled out insanity in my routine. Maybe just do as much as I can and when I can’t push anymore…stop

So the plan this week was

3 x Running

2 x Yoga

Everyone needs some strengthening exercise in their routine to help with toning up the body.

Happy Fitness Friday Ladies! :o)

‘My life is my message’ – Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Yes honey! I don't want to just be fit. I want to be strong! Now I use 10lb weights in my at home routine. Its hard but I love the challenge!

    Thanks for joining the #fitnessfriday movement chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Girl, I applaud you for even CONSIDERING Insanity! I'm glad I posted about the plank exercises, girl try those for your core. They really work to help me tone up fast...I think I'll take some before pics and then update in a month for my own tracking purposes.

  3. I feel like anything called Insanity sounds like something I need to run from, so kudos to you girl! And good luck with your toning/strengthening routine :)

  4. Insanity just looks mad, I think I would be tempted to have a go though. Try fitness blender ab work out routines, they are 15mins and really target all your Abdominal muscles.

  5. I got tired just from watching a snippet of insanity lol!

  6. Great points! I always tell my readers that they need to incorporate cardio, strength training and abdominal exercise in order to burn the most calories and fat. If you are working out at home you might want to invest into a set of hand weights, a fitness ball and kettle bell. These are relatively inexpensive and you can do many different strength training exercises with them. Happy Fitness Friday and have a terrific weekend!

  7. I think we all have the belly problem. I love your plan of attack.