Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mid-Week Hair Update


Take 2, I bagged my hair three times this week and I am still in love with the results! My hair is super moisturised and so manageable! Last week I also bagged by hair 3 times.This is definitely here to stay in my regimen.

Wig, wig, wig

Now, I have been craving a LT protective style and have my weave already in my arsen! But then I remembered my hair does not do well with LT protective styling. So I have decided to make a wig with my weave, then I will never have to have my hair in a LT PS but I have the option of having a LT PS look! Will let you know how my wig looks like. However, I loved the bangs I had over the weekend. Not brave enough to give myself real bangs.

9 weeks posts

Where has the time gone! I can hardly believe am 9 weeks posts, I should really start getting ready for my relaxer at 12 weeks post, but to be honest I don’t see any new growth, it has really blended into my texlaxed hair. I don’t think I have any more than ½ an inch of new growth. Will review my hair more closely in the next 3 weeks and see what will be my best move.


This week has been as good as last week, managed to jog for 30 mins 2 times this week! It is still an effort for me to get out there and jog, but it is slowly becoming a habit, I hope! Hopefully the week to come will be just as amazing!

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :o)

‘If you will say it about them, don't be afraid to say it to them. If not say nothing at all.' - Anonymous 


  1. This wig is nice on you. 9 weeks already and no issues = Awesome stretch.

    1. Awesome indeed! I am loving the wig, I really need to get more of them!

  2. Oh yes! I love this wig on you, too! And I think I wanna try baggying too. My ends sure could use some extra moisture. HHJ :)

    1. Thank Miss Dre!
      I have found baggying to be a life saver, I never used to like it but I am sold now. Try it and see how you find it!