Friday, 12 July 2013

Hair Challenge

I have decided to have a section for self challenges which will vary from 3 to 6 months depending on what the issue I am having is.
Due my last relaxer, I had shedding, breaking and thin ends! I was not happy at all. I have decide to undertake 3 challenges
1.     Stretch for 1 more week, therefore relax after 13 weeks post – With my last relaxer, I did have a bit of an issue towards the end of my stretch. In order to tackle this I am planning on:
i.         Protective stlying
ii.       If I can stretch to 14 weeks even better, but at no point will I keep stretching if my hair is breaking

Review date: 5th September 2013 – this is when I will be 13 weeks post relaxer
2.    My second challenge is to nurse my ends and nape to the best state they can be in. To do this I will be:
                                         i.    M&S with coconut oil every nail, my ends and nape
                                       ii.    Avoid having my ends on my clothes
                                     iii.    Protective styling and tucking away the end
                                     iv.    Trim ½ inch from my ends each relaxer

Starting point for nape and ends

Review date: 16th January 2013 – this will be on my hair one year anniversary; I will also be reviewing my efforts each relaxer time.

3.    Protective Styling challenge – It is so hard to style without heat and letting the hair just flow. I will be carrying out a protective styling challenge which I will review each month end, I should try a minimum of 2/3 new protective styles each calendar month
Review date: Month end, challenge is for 3 months and ends September month end

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  1. This are great goals, makes me want to think of some goals for myself!

    1. Thanks, I find I get bored on the journey, so need to find challenges to keep me going!