Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review of July Goals....Setting of August Goals

July Review

1.     Drink 1 litre of water everyday

Verdict: Sort of passed – I did drink a litre or more a day, sometimes even 2 litres. What I have found is that it’s not difficult for me to drink while at work, but I need to drink my water when at home.

New Goal: Make sure I get a litre bottle for use over the weekend, and drink a litre over the weekend.

2.    Try 2 new protective styles

Verdict: Pass. I did do 2 new protective styles, as this has been incorporated in my challenge I will write up a post to review the styles I did.

New Goal: N/A

3.    Avoid buying any new products

Verdict: Hmmm....I would say I passed as the only products I purchased were to replace my staples that were finished or help me combat setbacks. I did get a shampoo which I didn’t need but this was a gift that I forced my mum to get for me! Hehehe, ok I failed

New Goal: Only buy products when one is finished (i.e. for replacement)

4.    M&S when needed and apply castor oil to scalp twice a week

Verdict:  I passed on the M&S when needed, my NG is happy with me, but as for the castor oil part, this would be a fail, first I run out of castor oil and have been on the grape-seed oil trip!

New Goal: n/a

5.    Do a 1 or 2 mile jog 3 times a week – (hopefully lose 1kg)

Verdict: Well....this is a big fail! Not one day did I jog, I did Pilates for 10 mins once, and swam on another day in between teaching my friend how to swim, but aside from that nothing else. Did I lose 1 kg well.... I didn’t even bother checking, and my scale battery stopped working!

New Goal: Do some exercise for 30 mins twice a week!

6.    Have one weekend social activity.

Verdict: Pass, pass, pass and pass! I had something going on, on every weekend in July
1.     Hosted my cousin and her boyfriend (6th)
2.    Went to a food festival (7th)
3.    Went to visit my boyfriend’s cousin’s baby (13th)
4.    Hosted my friend (14th)
5.    Went for a photo-shoot with the other half (20th)
6.    Hosted a friend of the bf (21st)
7.    Hosted my uncle and his wife (27th)
8.    Went to see the bf’s family (28th)

No free weekends at all!!!

August Goals

Mixed bag for July goals, in August I have set myself these goals
1. Make sure I get a litre bottle for use over the weekend, and drink a litre over the weekend.
2. Only buy products when one is finished (i.e. for replacement)
3. Do 30 mins twice a week of any exercise
4. Bake/Cook a new dish at least twice in the month
5. Stretch to 12 weeks
6. Continue with the protective styling challenge (post to follow)
7. Review my hairline (post to follow)

How did your July goals go, and what are you looking to do in August?
Happy Hair Journeys Ladies! :-)

‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. You did pretty good on your goals. I can sooooo relate to your first goal. My water bottle is stirring me in the face at my desk so I'm constantly drinking water but once I'm home I don't consume as much. Good Luck with your August goals!

    1. I think I made too many goals! The water one I wish I could nail, anyway maybe in August!