Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mini Wash day ( 4 weeks post)

I have taken up the task of teaching my dearest friend who is like a sister to me how to swim!! So this got me thinking of how all the harsh chemicals in the pool will affect my hair. So yesterday after my swim I did a mini wash.

My plan of action was:
1.     Use a swimming cap
2.    Rinse out my hair after swimming
3.    Shampoo my hair with a no sulphate shampoos (L’Oreal brand) x1
4.    Co-washed my hair with Tresemme Naturals Rich Moisturising Conditioner x1
5.    Finished off with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment
6.    Cold water rinse to close cuticles
7.    Spray leave in conditioner (Aussie Miracle Insurance), detangled, and bun to air dry
8.    M&S next morning with ORS Rich Moisturiser and sealed with castor oil, also oil scalp with castor oil, I can feel my new growth popping out
Result: My hair feels clean, and so so so soft, I can only thank the PMSSDT, because I have used my conditioner before the results were never this amazing, and the shampoo though I have only used this once am sure shampoo doesn’t make have soft and fluffy, does it??? The reason am also putting it down to PMSSDT is I used it at the end of my wash last Saturday and my hair was super soft, and this is the only new product I have been using. And also to mention, detangling was a dream and my shed hair and breakage was very minimal!!
To be honest I am so amazed with the results of the mini wash, and it was so quick! Really thinking of incorporate this in my regimen, a mid week mini wash, if am not too lazy!!
Schedule for my 3 hour wash is still on for Saturday!! Need to make sure I have a good deep condition and my dose of caffeine! However, this will work really well with my swimming sessions
Happy Hair Journeys Ladies :-)
 ‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’ – Winston S. Churchill


  1. How did you protect your hair before swimming? How are you liking the Aussie Moist leave in Conditioner? I'm thinking to buy the entire line.

    1. Before swimming I did not do anything aside M&S, wasn't quite sure how to go about this with all the chlorine, but I thought if I wash out my hair with a shampoo, and co wash I should hopefully get all the nasty stuff out!! Most of the research I did, spoke about making sure you rinse out the chlorine after swimming and use a chelating shampoo, hoped I would get away with my normal shampoo!

      I am so loving the Aussie leave in, its a staple now! Will definitely be trying out other products in the line!

      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Nice mini wash day! I love love love mini washes!

    1. I think they will soon be my favourite thing to do!