Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wash day - 6 weeks post/Saran wrap/photo shoot

My wash day was done on the Friday night just in time for my Saturday morning photo-shoot with the other half (after dragging him by his tress – suitcase full of clothes change later, we managed to make it to the shoot, more on that later)
I was told to just make sure my hair was clean, but the thought of curling irons in my hair I think not!
My Friday night wash day went like this: 

1.     Pre-pooed with tresemme confitioner, coconut oil and grapeseed oil for 15 mins with a heat cap 

2.    Detangled before washing hair 

3.    Shampooed hair with Tresemme Naturals low sulphate vibrantly smooth shampoo, once (I have now noticed that my hair does feel stripped when I use this shampoo, so won’t be repurchasing it after it finishes) 

4.    I then co washed my hair with Tresemme Naturals Rich Moisturise Conditioner (I love the value of this product, but I like the results I get with Herbal Essence range or Aussie range, so won’t repurchase after its done, the other great thing about it is that its silicone free) 

5.    I then black tea rinses my hair, I used the catch and rinse method so rinsed my hair a few times, I am thinking of going back to using my spray bottle, might try that next week 

6.    At this point I would apply Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment, but I like the black tea to sit on my hair for a while. So I added my deep conditioner Vatika Deep Conditioner (this contains henna) and added some peppermint oil for my scalp and grapseed oil and coconut oil. I sat with a heat cap for 30 mins and rinsed 

7.    After rinsing, I added Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment for 5 mins and rinsed it out with cool water 

8.    I tee shirt dried my hair for 30 mins. 

9.    After removing the t-shirt I applied Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave in Conditioner, and some carrot oil and Tresemme heat protectant and proceeded to detangle. 

10. After detangling I roller set my hair. By this time it was 9pm, so I air dried my hair for 1 hour till 10pm and used my blow dryer to finish off drying my hair (I know blow dryers are the devil, but I hope I put enough heat protection on my hair) at about 11pm my hair was dry. 

11.   I then saran wrapped my hair with kitchen cling film and put on my satin bonnet and hopped into bed 

12.  Next morning take down, I loved the silkiness of my hair! Saran wrap is a winner!! Might do them more often! 

Verdict: I am currently 6 weeks post relaxer and 6 months into my journey, I feel as though I am set into a pattern and I can even tell what my hair needs and how it reacts to products. At the start of my journey, word like ‘slip’ or statements like ‘listen to your hair, it is telling you what it needs’ were absolutely crazy to me! I tried to ‘listen’ to my hair, but seriously, we had not bonded yet to understand each other! Now I feel the bond, I can now ‘hear’ my hair talking to me (lol) it’s mostly tell me it wants moisturise! 
Saran wrap hair results, wasn't too pleased

The photo-shoot was amazing, got pampered like Hollywood celebrities. One thing I am happy about is they didn’t get there hot curls on my hair, my hair was top notch, I just got my glam make-up and I was good to go. Check out some of my pictures 

Have you ever tried saran wraps? 

Happy Hair Journey’s Ladies! :-)
‘Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.’ Maxim Gorky

With my better half, had to use my heat pass :(


  1. Gorgeous Pics, looks like yo had fun on your photo shoot. Btw you guys look adorable together

    1. Thank you miss tomes for the lovely comment. It was a great day, the other half is happy now after the results it was a battle worth fighting him on hehe

  2. Cute pics and your hair looks great.
    I have tried the saran wrap method a couple of times, my only issue was that I think I caused some breakage trying to get my hair into a wrap because of my texlaxed roots. I may try finger combing into a wrap like Jeni did on her ponytail rollerset video next time I do it.

    1. remember doing Saran wraps when I used to visit the salon, but I don't think they are my favourite, I might be doing it all wrong. Might try Jeni's method as you suggested next time.

      Thanks for the comment and reading

  3. The pictures are beautiful! your hair looks great!

  4. Beautiful pics. Your hair was laid!!!


  5. Thank you Blutiful Blaq! It was an amazing experience!